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Getting an accurate Asbestos Removal cost quoted sight-unseen is nigh-on impossible, due to the many variables involved. And any company that ‘locks in a quote’ either over the phone or via some kind of generic email form or ‘on-line calculator’, is not someone we’d recommend you trust with getting such a hazardous material as asbestos removed from your Sydney home.

Imagine calling a mechanic when your car broke down and asking him how much it would cost to fix over the phone? Because the first thing he’ll say is: ‘I can’t tell you how much it’ll cost until I take a look at what’s wrong!’.

Well that’s pretty much what it’s like in the asbestos removal business. Except in our industry, we come to you to review the problem rather than the other way around. Only when our licensed asbestos inspectors have reviewed your property can we give you an ACCURATE ASBESTOS REMOVAL QUOTE.

Yes we can. If you can supply accurate information on what asbestos need removing (in your opinion), and how many square meters of roof, or wall, or fence is involved, we can supply you with a good ‘ball-park’ figure for what you’re likely to be up for to get the asbestos removed.

However, please remember that until one of our trained asbestos removal technicians views your Sydney property, we are unable to lock down the actual finished cost.


The most cost effective way to ascertain exactly what your asbestos removal requirements are (and EXACTLY how much it will cost to remove) is to book an Asbestos Inspection with Sydney City Asbestos. This certified inspection comes at a fixed cost of just $250 plus GST, and beyond the cost of the inspection itself there is no commitment on your part to action the recommendations of the inspection and have the asbestos actually removed.

Booking an Asbestos Inspection is the ideal way to measure the exposure and potential danger present in your property, without breaking the bank. It offers piece of mind and allows you to decide the best way forward based on your individual budget and circumstance.


Asbestos is a highly dangerous substance, and you are required by law to have asbestos removed by accredited professionals. Unlike other parts of your home renovation, where a DIY approach is often an excellent cost-saving alternative, asbestos removal has to be done by licensed professionals. There are two types of asbestos removal licences in New South Wales:

Class A Asbestos Removal License – permitted to remove friable asbestos. Class B Asbestos Removal License – permitted to remove non-friable asbestos only. Sydney City Asbestos hold both licenses.

Asbestos was, in its day, a very common substance used in the building of Australian homes. Some of the places you might find it include (but are not limited to):

  • Corrugated asbestos roof sheeting.
  • Guttering.
  • Bathroom Internal Sheeting.
  • Bonded Asbestos External Sheeting.
  • Bonded Asbestos Internal Sheeting.
  • Friable Asbestos Sheeting (ldb).
  • Gables/Fascias.
  • Soffits/Eaves.
  • Fencing – Post and bracket style, sheeting above ground.
  • Fencing – Self supporting sheet style, bottom of sheet buried in ground.
  • Vinyl Floor Tiles – non-asbestos adhesive.
  • Vinyl Floor Tiles – asbestos adhesive.
  • Sheet Vinyl with asbestos backing.
  • For piece-of-mind on the potential asbestos risks in your home or property, Call Sydney City Asbestos today on 0405 610 006. Because you can’t put a price on your family’s safety.